WEAR THE EYES SS18 – An artisanal eyewear collection designed for Liselore Frowijn ‘Mexico’ SS18 – HANDCRAFTED BY ELINE DE WINTER AND VINCENT VERSTREPEN. 
A dialogue between the craftsmanship of jewelry and eyewear as a functional, industrially made piece.
The SS18 “Wear the eyes”-collection is the search for the functionality of ‘viewing’ and the luxury of admiring eyewear as a custom-made piece of jewelry.
All pieces are unique and shaped in an entirely handcrafted manner. The manufacturing is executed with close attention to detail and this collection is currently only available as a limited couture edition.
‘Wear the eyes’ is an architectural game of raw and refined metal drawings for the eyes with fractions of colours. It is a direct way of seeing your own reality, and (re-)worshipping objects made by artisans. Furthermore, it is inspired by the 3 dimensional shapes of swimming goggles and the sharpness of sports eyewear, and pushes the limit of what eyewear can and could be.
The artisan’s expertise is reflected by the way the lenses are placed on the frames, as it refers to the ancient and traditional way of setting stones and diamonds on jewelry. These frames are shaped out of the idea to experience and feel our surroundings more consciously through the objects we are in touch with on a daily basis. Anneleen aims to reach out for objects that have the power to create affective experiences and make us want to invest more in a tactile and emotional relationship and interaction with these objects over time.
For this collection Anneleen Bertels collaborated with and called upon the expertise of jewelry designers and makers Vincent Verstrepen and Eline De Winter, who assisted her throughout the whole design process with their knowledge and insights. They crafted the eyewear in their atelier with extreme precision. 

Packshots by Io Cooman