For this collection I collaborate with and call upon the expertise of jewelry designer and goldsmith Lindsey Fontijn, who assists me throughout the whole design process with her design, knowledge and insights. The pearls will be crafted with extreme precision.

All pieces are unique and shaped in an entirely handcrafted manner. The manufacturing is executed with close attention to detail and this collection is currently only available as a limited edition.

Discovering the collection of beads from Stilly Steinberg was the ultimate starting point for my own chapter of designing beads, which results in a magical fusion of jewelry, embroidery and textile design. By creating beads that float in between the industrial and the artisanal I aim to create durable (tailor made) containers of souvenirs for garments and textiles.

The sustainable jewelry beads will be for sale from August onwards. For more information or pre-orders, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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