We are 18 young fashion designers who just graduated from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. During Paris Fashion Week September 2013 we presented ourselves as a fashion collective from Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Our collective is called THE MUCH, MUCH. THE MUCH, MUCH represents a new generation of ‘Much’ individuals, ‘Much’ ideas, and Many aesthetics. Every single individual has a strong personal signature and far reaching ambitions. THE MUCH, MUCH has the ambition to be much much(er).

Our aim is to become known as the new generation of new designers from Arnhem. THE MUCH, MUCH comes around and goes around much more places.

THE MUCH, MUCH IS: Anneleen Bertels+Christina Engsig+Sarah Knuepfer+Vera Moerkens+Roderick Buijs+Korinna Van Balkom+Henriette Tilanus+ Joris Suk+Pieter Eliens+Hans Hutting+Roos Mol+Aniek Zinken+ Marina Sala+Liselore Frowijn+Piet Caarls+Sarah Van Ours+Cherish Brouwer+Tessa de Boer.

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_MG_0180officiele persfoto - Katja Lund-Rasmussen