Anneleen Bertels aims to reach out for objects and products that have the power to create affective experiences and make us want to invest more in a tactile and emotional relationship and interaction with these objects over time.
As a creator she is fascinated by the interaction between craftsmanship, innovation and construction and how the development of new materials and tools interacts and clashes with the tradition of tailoring, and shapes unexpected forms and silhouettes.
To her the role of a (fashion) designer goes far beyond everything, and contains every (re)action in our life. It is an eternal dialogue with a new reality and a new state of human being and mind. Creativity has no borders and we have to outbid all disciplines.
In her work she questions the functionality of luxury and how we will play with its meaning in the future. To her it is a clash, resulting in a luxurious utility. A love for individuality and distaste for mass. The development of new tools will allow us to see nature in a different way. It will bring up new colours, shapes and construction methods.
The value and meaning of clothing and the relationships with objects that surround us, as well as the modern translation of its functions in the future, is really important to Anneleen.
Anneleen draws mainly inspiration from literature, arts, architecture and music, discovering new cultures, and observing human experience and behaviour.
It is her personal goal to recreate the curiosity of things happening all around us, as well as the way we experience and share this experience as an individual.